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Evaluation and
Verification Solutions

With analytic support, evaluation, and/or verification from H. Gil Peach & Associates, we will assist you in determining the efficacy and efficiency of your programs and make suggestions for further improvement. For electricity, natural gas, and water, if you like, we can assess how well you are saving money, reaching targets, and adapting to climate goals.

In the policy analysis area, we will help meet organizational and regulatory objectives. For demonstration and social programs, we will help you determine optimal process and impact effects.

Ensure your Programs

Ensure your Programs
Work Well

H. Gil Peach & Associates, will help you determine how well your program (or portfolio of programs) is functioning, across all program type, and, if desired, including social welfare and social justice objectives.

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As an impartial evaluator or validator of evaluations, we analyze all aspects of the program to determine what is and isn’t working. We also provide commissions with verification and consultation services to help them enhance programs and evaluations. We provide critical assessment, inspection, and verification services.

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