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H. Gil Peach & Associates is a limited liability company, structured as an S-Corp, that offers a variety of metric analytics, evaluation, verification, climate related analytics, and policy support. We specialize in the measurement, evaluation, and verification of energy efficiency, water projects, climate adaptation, demonstration and social programs, and in strategic policy research.

We want to be a world leader in the production of accurate measurement and usable outcomes to assist the development of efficient, ethical, and effective practices. We work to assure that these practices can be sustained economically to meet organizational goals, improve progress and help improve quality of life.

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Low-Income Affordability
Programs and Rate Designs

In the US, the real situation we are up against is that the US economy produces “living wage” jobs for under one-half of our population. Though it has social programs that cover parts of the population who are elderly or younger but unable to work, and these programs have goals of inclusion, they are far short of providing universal income sufficiency.

Living wage jobs cover immediate needs for a moderate level of living, but often do not include meaningful provisions for personal sick leave, taking care of other family members when they are sick or injured, vacation pay, a defined benefit pension, saving for older age, or ability to cover educational expenses for children.

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